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This is a new section for the website and is intended for any tips, suggestions, etc, for anything related to the use, maintenance, rebuilding/restoration, or modifications of Turners.  If you have a "tip" that you'd like to share, please e-mail me with the information.

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Toe Box Cooling

Here is a simple way to get cool air onto the drivers feet, but only applies to Mk III Turners.  The forward facing hood scoop is intended to carry fresh air to a heater mounted at the fire wall on a small horizontal shelf.  Since these heaters are useless, I removed mine and created an aluminum funnel that runs the air from the hood air scoop straight down into the toe box.   The Aluminum "tube" is easily purchased at major hardware stores and cut to length.  I made a flange to hold it down to the "shelf" where the heater had been, and a foam rubber collar to engage the opening at the rear underside of the hood. In the winter I place a cardboard flange at the top of the downtube to prevent the cold air from reaching my feet.  Total cost of materials and time--perhaps $5.00 and an hour.

Submitted by Steve Agins.

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