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On this page are possible parts for Turners.  This information is provided in good faith, and should only be considered a starting point in trying to identify and locate replacement parts for Turners.

While the Turner Sports Car company made much use of propritetary production components from BMC and Triumph, in some cases those components were modified for the use on Turners.  For example, the steering rack and housing were shortened from the stock assemblies.  Therefore it is strongly recommended that none of the parts you are trying to replace are disposed of until you are absolutely sure the replacement part will work correctly.

The information below describes those parts or assemblies that may need modification, if the information is known.  Again, it is important to be sure any replacement part you are going to use will work before discarding the old one.

If you have additional information or would like to comment on the information presented here, please e-mail me.

Many thanks to Dave Scott, ex-Turner Registrar, who provided the majority of the information.

Parts/Assembly Specifics and possible sources
Axle (rear) All models, except GT model: BMC A Series (A30/A35/Sprite/Midget).  NOT half shafts from M. Minor which has a wider track.

GT model: A40
Wire wheels
Available all types from Motor Wheel Service International Ltd, MW5 House, Langley Business Park, Langley, Berks, SL3 6EP, 01753 549360.
Steering wheel
Either Ford, MGT, or early Morris Minor taper with key adaptor hubs.
Anti-roll bars All models require mounting brackets/plates welded to chassis outriggers to accomodate this.

BMC suspension:  recommend unit for Riley 1.5 , has to be cold spread to make it fit.

Triumph suspension:  Herald/Spitfire/GT6 spread slightly to make it fit.
Ball Joints
BMC A Series:

    Inner: BLMC part no. ACA 6018
    Outer: BLMC part no. 88G414

    * Very early cars up to circa 1956/1957 used smaller ball joints.

Triumph: per Herald/Spitfire
Quinton Hazel Part No. QR 788 (you have to buy a pair as they are handed).  Possible sources believed to be: Bedford CA Van Track Rod End, Vauxhall/General Motors/Bedford part no. 7104086 (Right hand thread), and 7104087 (Left hand thread), both with 9/16" dia x 16 threads.

Also, Quinton Hazel QR 3 (Morgan 4 + 4 SRS2  S3-60)
Bodies 950:  VIP Sales
c/o Wally Hicks
705 N. Argonne Avenue
Sterling, VA 20164 USA
(703) 430-6048

Mk I Mk 2 & 3:  Moulds owned by the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club.  Contact registrar Russell Filby
Brakes BMC A as for A40 Farina on front 8" dia x 1½" wide drums.  Rear BMC A Series 7" dia x 1¼" wide drums. (All Lockheed parts)

BMC A (optional extra) and Coventry Climax models:

Front: Girling Special Discs (9" dia. specially made for Turners) all other parts should be obtainable from Girling (West Bromwich).  Fort Escort GT discs can be made to fit with slight machining. (Ford part 1450669).  Ford Escort Mk I GT (not Mexico models) calipers and discs can be fitted.  This requires a special machined mounting plates for the calipers.  Contact Russell Filby for specifics.

Rear: BMC A drums (Riley 1.5) 8" x 1½" wide all Girling parts (may be Riley 1.5/Ford Cortina 1500/Triumph Vitesse).

Ford engined/Triumph suspension:

Front: Herald/Spitfire
Rear:Same as for Climax engined models.  BMC A drums (Riley 1.5) 8" x 1½" wide all Girling parts (may be Riley 1.5/Ford Cortina 1500/Triumph Vitesse).
Bumpers Front:  From Austin A35.

Rear:  Austin A35 or if over-rider type from TR2/TR3.
All cables (brake, clutch, speedo, etc) made to order by Speedy Cables, Dept. CCM, The Mews, St. Paul St., Islington, London, N1 7BU, 0207226 9228.
BMC A models: Smiths part no. DF/1104/00 (56")

Ford models: 43"
Standard Triumph part no. 602216/17 (handed) (used on TR 2/3 spare wheel cover)
Mk II and Mk III models:  May be from TR2/TR3
Differential Ratios (BMC A)
Ratio No. Teeth BMC Assy No. Used On
3.727 11/41 ATA 7239 Early Riley 1.5
3.9 10/39 ATA 7353 ? ? ? ?
4.22 9/38 ATA 7326 Sprite/Midget
4.55 9/41 ATA 7093 Morris Minor Van
4.875 8/39 2A 7230 A35 Van
5.375 8/43 ATA 7073 GPO Van
3.9 10/39 BTA 1222 Late Spridgets
Dynamo With mechanical drive for rev. counter - Sprite 1/MGA reduction gearbox on dynamo.  Smiths part no. GB3
Door Handles Early models as per Standard 10, later models as per Mini.
Escutcheon Chrome bonnet as per TR 2/3 spare wheel cover, Triumph prt no. CD 22241
Exhaust Manifolds Specially made for Turners, however, the following are thought to fit with some small modifications (may require cutting and re-welding).

BMC A: Oselli unit for M. Minor from OSELLI Engine Services, Ferry Hincksey, Osney Mead, Oxford, or possible a modified Mini Cooper

Ford: Cortina GT

Morgan 1500

Proper Turner unit made to order (from you old one or sketch) from "Maniflow", 64/66 St. Puals Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Fan belts BMC A: as per A30/pre 1957 M. Minor, BMC part no. 2A414, Ferodo V903, Raybestos R98.

Ford: Raybestos R536, Mintex WFT 242.
Gaiter BMC A models: Gear lever BMC part no. 14A 4506
Gas tank Possibly BMC part no. ARA77 will fit with slight modification.  Or possibly one for A35.
Grille Pre 1959 models: special cast aluminium

1959 on models: Austin grille material cut to size (Ex Mini/A40/A55).  Click here to see details of the modification.

Mk III intake scoop: A110 Westminister
Brakes - BMC models
Master cylinder: as per Phase III Standard Vanguard, but change operating rod (different length).  Part No. 91623

Slave cylinder:

Front: Austin A40, seals Lockheed KL71542, part no. for wheel cylinders, 34960.
Rear: wheel cylinder part no. 34577, repair kit part no. KL 71506
Brakes - incl. Climax (except front discs/calipers)
Master cylinder: Girling 64067590, 5/8" dia., seal kit SP 1963/3.

Calipers/disc: Triumph Herald/Spitfire

Slave cylinders (rear): 5/8" dia, Girling 390401, Unipart GWC 11006.  Also used on "Sebring" Sprite.  Some Mk IIIs have a 3/4" dia. Girling unit, similar to those used on early Spitfires.  However the piston on the Spitfire unit does not have the grooves for the shoe to fit in.  If still good, the piston from the Turner unit can be used with the Spitfire unit.
Brakes - Climax models (front only)
Special Girling units, parts (except discs) available from Girling (West Bromwich)
Clutch - BMC & Climax
Master cylinder: Phase III Vanguard, swap operating rod. Climax model Lockheed part 91622.  Seal kit. KL 71534 (3/4" diameter)

Slave cylinder: Mini, Lockheed 96340.  Seal kit KL 71590 (7/8" diameter)

Flexible hose: Lockheed 56203
Clutch - Ford & Climax
Master cylinder: Girling 64067590, 5/8" dia. and some models used Girling 64067347, 3/4" dia.  Seals Girling SP I963/3, 5/8" dia, from Spitfire.

Slave cylinder: Cortina 1500 GT, seals Girling SP 2019/2
Reservoir for Brake and Clutch Fluid
A combined unit from Austin J4 van.
Hinges - Bonnet/Boot All models, Standard 10 bonnet hinges, Standard Triumph part no.s 604917 & 604918 (handed) (crome plated) and part no.s 602403 & 602404 (painted).
Half shafts A35/Sprite I/II.  If obtainable, strongest are from Austin Metropolitan.

GT only: A40
BMC/Climax: Mechanical 0 - 8,000 special unit.  Mechanical drive from dynamo: MGA/Sprite I

Ford models: MGA electronic.  Some also with mechanical 0 - 8,000 rpm, Smiths no. RN 2309/01.
BMC/Climax: 0 - 120 special unit.  Sprite unit will fit, Smiths SN6155 10 MST 4.

Some Mk III: Smiths no. SN 4103/04 1080
Recommend replacment of capillary type (if failing) with electrical unit.  Smiths T.S.B temperature gauge kit (short scale).  Some Mk III with Smiths TL 7302/13.
Some Mk III with Lucas gauge, with no. 36313 8 64 stamped on the side of the case.
Some Mk III with Smiths no. PL 2302/02
Some Mk III with Smiths no. FG 2334/07
King pins BMC: Austin A35/A40.  Replacement Quinton Hazell king pin set QP 314TC & suspension set QSK 79A
Lights (rear) 950 ('57 - '59 with big fins): Lucas part no. L558  53356 (Rover 75-90 Series) (Mini pick-up - To 'L' [1972/1973] registration (UK))

Mk I/II: Hillman Minx, Lucas part no. L572  53540

Mk III: later Hillman Minx, Lucas part no. 54252 - off Hillman Minx Mk 4.  Also some with larger oval shaped units from a Sunbeam Tiger/Alpine.
Manifolds Ford (inlet): Ford 116E 9425D for Weber 28/36
Panhard rod 31 3/16" overall length x 3/4" OD
Rack & Pinion steering BMC: Sprite rack, but shortened.  To modify, remove metal from N/S of rack to give the rack a length of 21 5/8".  Drill and tap 1/2" BSF hole (may be different threads on some models), counter bore and machine to match end that was removed.

Triumph: Herald rack, but shortened.

GT: Triumph rack, standard length

Note: If replacing the rack housing on either BMC "A" or Triumph units, the rack housing is also shortened.
Shock absorbers BMC (front): Armstrong 5925/? (handed)

Triumph (front): Armstrong 562-2290 (without springs)

All models (rear): Armstrong original no longer available.  Alternatives, Spax 164/4/LL or Koni 80-1573.  Specifiy bushing sizes when ordering.  Top bushing 3/8" ID x 1 1/4" long.  Lower bushing 1/2" ID x 1 1/4" long.  Original Armstrong part no. AT 7S 1746.  Other Armstrong units that might fit are: 62-3360, AT 7 11205, 562-2720, and 62-8560.  See also information below under Springs - rear coil.
Springs Front: BMC part no. 2A 4214 (Standard) or AHA 8003 (Stronger)

Rear (torsion bars): Bars of EN 45 7/8" wide x 7/32" thick, oil quench at 930°C, temper 1 hour at 450/475°C.  Some early Turners used torsion bars 3/4" wide x 3/16" thick.

It is believed that Morris Minor rear leaf springs will provide an alternate source of spring material.

Rear (coil springs): About 90 in.- lbs, free length 11" to 12", wire size 1/4 " or 5/16", 13 to 14 coils, 1 7/8" ID.  Used with Spax As 164/392 shock absorber.
Steering arms BMC: A35 units heated and bent.  Note: different arms were used on cars with 15" wheels than those with 13" wheels.
Trailing arms Plain bushes (at axle end of arm), original bush was 1 1/8" OD x 7/16" ID.  Similar bushes, 1 1/8" OD x 9/16" ID available from Complete Automobilist, 39, Main St., Bston, Petersborough, PE 6 9NX, Tel. Greatford 312.  Their part no. is E 1164 and have to be shortened by 1/4" and sleeved to 7/16" ID.  Silentbloc part no. E 1115, 1 1/8" OD x 1/2" ID.
Universal joint - steer column British Leyland part no. 5426 (Jaguar)
Windscreens Contact the Turner Registrar, Russell Filby.

Also may be possible to cut screen from a VW LT 28 van.
Wheel studs BMC rear axle, Mk II Sprite wire wheel conversion, BMC part no. BTA 492.
Wheels 15" dia x 4J pressed steel or wire (48 spokes)

BMC front suspension: 13" dia. x 4"J wire

Triumph front suspension: 13" dia. x 4 ½" J wire

950S: Bolt circle dia.: 4", original source unknown

Spare, repairs, adaptors: Motor Wheel Service International Ltd, MW5 House, Langley Business Park, Langley, Berks, SL3 6EP, 01753 549360.
Water hoses BMC models: Top and sometimes bottom per 1958 Minor part no. HARMO 299. Bottom hose (sith heater taken off) per 1958 Minor part no. HARMO 506.

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