Turner Sports Cars   2019 USA Turner Reunion

The USA Turner Reunion
JULY 26 2019
Waterford Hills Raceway Michigan

Set to take place the same weekend at the track will be a gem of a historic race.
Road Turners and Race Turners are encouraged to support this Reunion.
Race Turners can enter the historic races (through Waterford Hills directly)
Road Turners will have a HQ area outside curcuit and be able to have a great view of the racing
Road Turners will have a road ralley
All Turner Reunion attendees will be able to join our July 26 wine/beer/cheese etc etc welcome party
A group picture on finish line will be arranged
Noon track touring is available for all to see first hand this great and challenging circuit.

Contact John Ruth with any questions email to John.Ruth73@yahoo.com

Follow the link below to the photo gallery from the 2014 reunion at the venue.