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Turner Reunion
Crickhowell, Wales
June 10, 2001

Photos and information courtesy of Russell Filby and Brian Shaw..

The Annual Turner Rally, sponsored by the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club and organised by Dave Scott the FSCC Turner registrar, was held on June 10, 2001 at The Manor House, Crickhowell, Wales.

The following Turners were in attendence:

60/289 Climax Mk 1 KJE 460
60/291 BMC Mk1 700 AOV
60/318 Climax Mk 1 281 AXO
60/345 BMC Mk 1 231 YYC
60/423 BMC Mk 1 116 JTG
62/544 FORD Mk 2 220 WMA
66/656 FORD MK3 GOK 444D

As you can see seven Turners showed up for the Rally this year.  This included 66/656, which was originally built for export as a LHD, but was sold incomplete when the factory folded.  It was eventually finished and converted back to a RHD so it has no storage compartment in the dashboard.  Also in attendance was James Bilderbeck in his racing Climax Mk 2 coming straight from a race at Snetterton.

Jan Ruechel came from Germany and had a great time sitting in the cars and discussing Turners.  Several owners with on-going projects also attended.

Jack Turner was in attendance despite hard times of late.  Mrs Turner has been terminally ill and sadly she passed on just two weeks before the rally.  You have to admire Jack for attending.   He none the less was as enthusiastic as ever and was proudly sporting one of Holly Bollinger's Polo Shirts.  

Jack told of how a batch of 6 or so Turners heading for California were en-route but payment hadn't come through and one of the owners had defaulted on payment and disappeared with the company money in the states, which resulted in Turner never being paid for them and further worsend the company finances in 1966.  He also had with him a fascinating hand written factory ledger that logged all of the cars from 60/360 and onwards.  The earlier one was lost in a fire.  The log lists the chassis number, destination, dealer, and color.  It was a wonderful part of the history to see.

Below are photos of some of the cars in attendence.

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