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Turners at SVRA Season Final

Virginia International Raceway
Alton, Virginia USA
October 10 - 12, 2003

Information courtesy of
Keith Burnett and Keith Lawrence

The SVRA Season Final Meeting was held at Virginia International Raceway on Oct 10-12, 2003 and all Turner owners were invited to take part.  Road cars were welcome to attend and participate in the non-race activities.

The following Turners and owners were able to make it to the event:

Chassis No.
Paul & Darry Bova Mk 1 60/384
Keith Lawrence 803 30/065
Jim Southwood Mk 1 60/508
Fred Lieb 950S 30/182
John Master Mk 1 60/414
Len Picton 803 30/087
Paul Balich 950S 30/245
Bill & Cheryl Baldwin 803 30/066 Steel body
Jim Fuerstenberg Mk 3 65/651 (without car)
Wally Hicks Wally prepared Len Picton's 803
Mike Muckle Mk 3 65/628
Keith Burnett Mk 1 60/415
Henry Sullivan 950S 30/161 (without car)

Front Row (left to right):  Len Picton (30/087), Mike Muckle (65/628), Jim Southwood (62/508), and Keith Burnett (60/415)

Back Row (left to right):  John Master (60/414), Keith Lawrence (30/065), Fred Lieb (30/182), Bill & Cheryl Baldwin (30/066), and Paul & Darry Bova (60/384).

Not Shown:  Paul Balich (30/245).  See Additional Photos.

The weather was nice - cool and cloudy on Friday, with some rain early on Sat and then sunny on Sunday.

Bill and Cheryl Baldwin drove their beautiful dark green steel bodied 803 (30/066) from Rochester, NY (about 450 miles) to win the Best Presented Turner award.

The Turner race was run as a Persuit (handicap) race due to the difference in performance between the VSCCA and SVRA cars.  This proved to be very successfull, results as follows:

1st Len Picton
2nd John Master
3rd Keith Burnett

Keith Burnett was second overall in the Group1 Feature race and won his class and the SVRA Gr1 (Up to 1300cc) championship for 2003  In addition, much to his surprise he was awarded the Amateur Mechanic of the Year award!  

Quite a weekend!!

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