Beware of Scam

People wanting to purchase cars or accessories from web sites
by paying more than the amount with a check

The following message was originally posted by Russ Filby, Turner Registrar, on the Turnersports Cars Web site on April 26:

Please be aware of an Email Scam that owners have reported to me made by unknown parties wishing to purchase Turners.

I understand this scam has been extensively reported on the MG Digest & Spridget Digest during the last year.

They pay you for your car with a forged cashiers check in an amount greater than you agreed to for the car.  You are asked to send the difference either back to the buyer or more often give it to the shipper.  They ask that you give the car to the shipper who will send it out of the country.  When it all settles, and it is discovered by your bank that the check is forged. So you are out the car & the money.

Be aware and I would discourage all from replying to these emails.  These have nothing to do with the Turner website or registry and should be avoided.

I recieved the following from a John Cole:

Dear Seller,

I saw your advert { / }and i am interested in buying your {1961 Turner 950 Sports ,61-468,}.  I want you to tell me the actual price you want to sell it.  i will like to know more about the present condition of it, i want you to forward the picture to my e-mail address.  if you have have the pic in your e- mail box, you can send it to my home address below..

Tell : +41 21 33390010

But My Phone number just have a problem wiht it i tell you as soon is ok.

The reason why i said asked for the picture is that i m ust see what i want to buy first and method of payment will be by check.  I don't want you to worry about the shipment of it,i have a shipping company that will help me out for the shiping of it,my shipping company will take care of the shipment.  Most important, i need yo ur your full name and address in which the check for the payment will be send to, The detail i need in as bellwo:

Full Name: That will be on the check for the payment
Residental Address:
Zipcode :
Phone Number:

The Main Why i am asking for this information is so that the pay ment can be send to you fatsr and quick so i want you to mail me back with the detail so that this transaction can be fast.  I shall look forward to read from you Quick Respond From You.  Thanks as i look forward to hearing from you.