Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number

Pro 30/1

Photos and information courtesy of
The New England Classic Car Company

803 prototype, 1955, the very first Turner sports car built, chassis number Pro (prototype) 30 (the model) 01 (you guessed it), restored to concours condition, twin tube chassis, BMC suspension, steering, brakes, etc.,  Flawless aluminum body with new BRG paint, freshly rebuilt 1,000cc BMC engine, balanced, steel strap over center main cap, new pistons and bearings, 1100 rods, Cooper 998 head, 3/4 race cam, new clutch, twin SUs, rib case BMC trans, new hydraulic lines, rebuilt front and rear suspension, 15" wire wheels, beautifully trimmed interior with dark green leather seats and carpets, stayfast tonneau, original type instruments, new fabric covered wiring harness, dual master cylinder, detailed trunk compartment covered in hadura material, original chassis plate, full history and documentation, ideal for road use, VSCCA racing, show, etc.   A genuine piece of British automotive history and in pristine condition.

(Please Note: the engine in the 3rd photo above is a Climax engine)

Pro 30/1

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