Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of
Russell Filby and Jay Carano

This car was originally exported to Fergus Fine Cars in New York.  Jay provided this photo of the car when owned by Dave Dexter, who had purchased it from a friend.  The car evolved into an SCCA F Prod. racer.  Dave may have also acquired a D Prod. Turner Climax in the deal.  The chassis number of the Turner Climax is unknown.

This car was previously in the Unknown Turners photo section.  These photos and the following information were found on the Internet.

This car comes with a SCCA history.  It has completed 15 races since the restoration in 1998 by New England Classics.  It features an engine with A6 cam, twin DCOE Weber's, K&N filters, Quife straight cut gears.  Accusump, dual masters with brake bias.  Also it has an onboard fire system, and original Revolution wheels.  Below is a description of the restoration:
  • Originally prepared for SCCA National racing and converted for historic racing
  • Rebuilt 1500 Ford engine, 6 bolt crank, 125 E twin cam rods, twin cam pistons, ported and polished race head milled for 12.6:1 compression ratio, balanced Cosworth A6 cam, compitition valve springs, and retainers, lightened fly wheel, new clutch, duplex timing gears, new twin 40 DCOE Weber Carbs, headers, alloy rocker covers
  • Brand new 4-speed transmission with Quiafe straight cut close ratio gears
  • Accusump
  • Absolutley perfect upgraded chassis with complete roll cage bolted on top to effect very very strong chassis
  • Excellent fiberglass body with lift up nose and tail sections for the ultimate in access (Doors come off with removal of pip pins.)
  • All interior steel panels replaced with a beautifully fabricated aluminum panels
  • ATL fuel cell, dual fuel pumps, huge racing fuel filter
  • Custom made racing radiator, large oil cooler
  • New racing seat, new racing harness
  • Revolution Alloy wheels
  • Custom fabricated suspension control arms(Much stronger than stock.) New Carrera shocks and springs with adjustable spring perches
  • Dual master cylinder with adjustable brake bias
  • Aeroquip brake lines
  • Solid state ignition
  • Electric cooling fan
  • Gilmer drive water pump
  • Removable center tunnel for easy access to transmission
  • All new instruments
  • New wiring and plumbing
  • New Super Starter
  • Removable steering wheel hub
  • Rod ends on suspension and steering
  • Original chassis plate
This car is an ideal SVRA/HSR Historic racing car and should be capable of 1:04 around Lime Rock.    This car is virtually identical to the famous Turner Mk III that was three time SCCA National Champion during the 1980's.


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