Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photo and information courtesy of Russell Filby and Brian Harris

Brian built this Turner from kit form in 1963. He bought the Turner in Dunstable in Herts and is fairly sure the dealers were Duncan Hamilton.  The engine was mounted to the chassis and the body loosely plonked on top when he picked it up.  The car was assembled over a two week period.  The engine was a standard BMC 950cc engine and on long trips could record over 60 MPG.  The tyres were Pirelli extra flex which were still on the car when sold some three years later.

Photos and information courtesy of
Russell Filby and Richard Rockcliffe
(July 2002)

Richard bought the Turner in 1997 from a friend in the village next to Watlington south of Kings Lynn in Norfolk who restores classic cars, mainly Aston Martins and Jags etc.  His friend had bought the Turner at the RTS auction in Norwich and was a near 'basket case'.  The friend did not really have the time to work on it and sold it to Richard, for his wife. Richard's son is restoring the car.

The car does not have a chassis number plate, but has a BMC engine without a number plate, and came with Registration Number plates CMG 196 A.  All the information available from the Auction house was that the seller was a Mr Pye of Spixworth near Norwich, who has moved away.

In 1980 it was owned by a Miss Dawn Holmes who lived in Norwich.  She married a Mr. B. Lincoln of Buxton, Norfolk. Attempts to locate them have been unsuccessful.


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