Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of
Russell Filby and Lorn Stanners

Lorn has owned 61/447, a Mk II FWE 1216 Climax powered Turner since 1971.  It was one of eight Turners imported by Oscar Motors in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  Three were Climax models and five were 950's.  Lorn does not know what happened to the other Turners.  Lorn did meet a fellow at one of the Alberta All British Field Meets a number of years ago who owned one of the 950's.  He had traded it for a MGB in Calgary, Alberta and never saw it again.

The car was bought by a fellow named Rick Mark who had raced the car from new.  He then sold it to Ray St Arnaud, who also raced it.

Lorn is the third owner and raced the car at Edmonton International Speedway (EIS) in 1971, in Class D.  That year ESI hosted the CanAm, TransAm and Continental Formula A and B races.  Lorn came second in Class D for the Prairie Region, mainly because he was able to run all the events.

The first photo shows the car being driven by the previous owner.  It was taken in front of the old control tower at EIS and is at the start of the straight away, which was over 1/2 mile long and was also the drag racing track. The picture was most likely taken in 1968 in a CanAm Series race event.


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