Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Lee Walsh


Lee acquired this in October of 1999.   The car has been in the U.S. since new and was set up for SCCA racing and later for Vintage racing.   Since his purchase of the car, Lee has made it street legal and takes it to Solo II or autocross events.    It has a prepared 1275 BMC A series motor with a modified "S" head, Kent cam, and twin SU carbs.

Photos and information courtesy of Matt Reay

Matt purchased the car in late 2000.   Matt intends to use the car for vintage racing and has installed an accusump and fuel cell.  He is also planning to install dual brake master cylinders and be ready for racing in April 2001.  The tires are Hoosier A70-13's.

Racing at La Junta, Colorado Vintage Race event, June 2002.

The highlight of the 2002 racing season was a well-attended event at Hallett, Oklahoma in early October, where these photos were taken.  The event was well worth the 1200 mile round-trip tow!  Hallett is a beautiful and challenging circuit, and the 40 cars in our race group made for great competition.  The car performed beautifully all weekend.  Changes to the car this year include a Quaife differential, Weber 32/36 DGV to replace the S.U.'s, and competition linings for the rear brake shoes from Porterfield Enterprises in California.


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