Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Bob Knijnenburg

Alexander Turner owned by Bob Knijnenburg in Holland Chassis Number 60/307 and Registration 208 JJH. This number was issued on March 21, 1960 in Hertfordshire (just north of London).  Alexander Engineering of Haddenham Buckinghamshire were one of the major tuning companies of that period (making equipment for many different cars) and decided to make their own version of the Turner, These often included the Alexander aluminum cross-flow cylinder head.   They assembled their own cars from kit components provided by Turners or did a modification later on. 208 JJH has a significant racing history and was raced in the 1960 Autosport Championship by Wing Commander K.W Mackenzie The car has been rebuilt by Bob to its original 1960 configuration and is regarded as one of the very best Turners still roadworthy today. These pictures was taken at the 2008 Silverstone Classic event.

This is Bob's Alexander Turner after the restoration was completed showing full weather gear.

Photo courtesy of Russell Filby

Wing Commander K.W Mackenzie racing 208 JJH in 1960.


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