Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Lee Grimes (April 2002)

This Turner was purhased new by Jimmy Rowe and being from Kentucky it must have been from the dealer in Ohio.  He used the car for street transporation before he went racing with it.  He did quite a bit of racing suspension and engine development (for the era).

The Alexander crossflow head is not on the car as the SCCA did not allow it's use.  It is in the shop with a large assortment of other spares.  It has a set of "CT" two piece racing wheels which were reportedly very, very strong but not particularly the lightest alloy aluminum.  It sits on it's last set of racing slicks from its day.

The license plates are from 1973.  It was used for street and autocross' before it was parked.  These photos were taken after pulling it out of the barn it was stored in and dusting it off.


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