Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Henry J. Sullivan

These photos were taken around 1987, just after the car was painted.  Henry is in the process of restoring it.  See the photos below.  The car was first registered in Nov. 15, 1958 in Vyombourn, UK.  It was imported by Mark Hancock of Roanoke. VA and purchased by Henry in 1985.  The '58 body had been replaced by a Mk III body.

The car had probably been raced as it was fitted with a close ratio box, a stump pulling rear end and the motor had been bored and polished.  A rebuild was started after the motor started to pump oil and the transmission went out.  The frame was modified to use a Triumph front suspension and a Ford engine and gearbox using dimensions from an extra frame owned by Alan Modney.  Henry still has the patterns.

The torsion bar suspension had been replaced with coil overs.  See photos and information below.

Hank replaced the rubber bushes with plastic.  They are retained by a pinned nut and a bolt which passes through the lower suspension arm where the torsion bar had been located. It has a square tapered plug in one end which is tapped to fit the bolt.

Bushes in the upper arms were difficult to find. They were sized well to fit the opening and then shortened. The Spax shocks are adjustable in firmness and ride height.  Hank machined an aluminum spacer to accommodate the new spring length.

The Springs (ft and rear) were supplied by Suspension Spring Specialists 903 W. Water St PO Box 145 Bremen IN 46506, (800) 323-7419. The Front Spring is a 10" X 2.5" @ 200 lb.  The rear spring is a 9" X 2.25" @150 lb.

Photo and information courtesy of Russell Filby and Nicholas Beer

This was one of two Turners owned by Nick's father in the early 1960's in London England.  This photo shows the 950S with it's original body.  Reg. No. 229 WRE.


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