Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Geoff Sizzey

Geoff has owned this ex-Tony Broom Mk III since late 1983.  Geoff raced the car during 1984-1991 in the UK and enjoyed numerous wins including the 1984 750MC road sports championship.  It was also a member of 750MC Birkett 6-hour relay winning team in 1987.

The car had a Lotus twin-cam when purchased from Tony.  An under bonnet photo is in a book by Miles Wilkins "Lotus twin-cam engines" published by Osprey Publishing London 1988, ISBN 0-85045-676-2, USA Distributor Motor Books International, Wisconsin.  The engine was changed to a 1600 cross-flow and is now fitted with a pre-crossflow.  The car was tested at Goodwood on 24th August 2001 after not being driven for 10 years.  Geoff hopes to do a few races in 2002.  Reg. No. was EBH 5G, YPF 735G, and is now GFK 11.

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Photos and information courtesy of Chris Burnell and Dave Scott

The car when owned by Tony Broom taken at Castle Combe in 1980.

The car at Silverstone 1983, 6 hour relay race.

Dave Scott, Turner Registrar identified this car as chassis number 66/0101/PC.

Why the unusual chassis number ?  According to Dave, when Turner stopped production and closed the buisness in 1966 a number of partially finished cars and components were bought by Gordon Unsworth.  Unsworth raced Turners and distributed cars, operating as The Pit Counter.    The Pit Counter managed to put together around 5 additional Turner cars and Mr. Unsworth changed the numbering system to be able to identify them.  The chassis numbers of these cars (66/0101/PC) means: 66 (year)/01 (month of chassis production) 01 (number of car)/PC (built by The Pit Counter).

Photo and information courtesy of Philip Soden

Photo of the car from a book called 'The Lotus Twin Cam Engine' by Miles Wilkins, showing the car when it had a twin cam installed.

Photo and information courtesy of Russell Filby

The lower car is the same car around Aug 1975.  The car now has Reg. No. GFK 11.


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