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Turners in Salt Lake City, UT, circa 1965 to 1970

In 1965 Eurauto, owned by Doug Hillman and Leroy Reese, was the Turner dealership, which also sold Lotus Elans and Rochdale Olympics.  Clyde Snyder (65/626) worked at the dealership.  The dealership reportedly advertised a Turner with dual Webers and Independent Rear Suspension in Los Angeles.  Rumor was there was a warehouse in Los Angeles with 8 to 10 Turners.

The following is brief information on the known Turners in Salt Lake City:
  • Red Turner, chassis no. 65/626, round hood latch covers, Sunbeam Tiger tail lights.  One owner reportedly had the fastest time up Big Cottonwood Canyon running the 10 miles from the water treatment plant to Brighton Ski Resort in 9 minutes.

  • Red Turner, Sunbeam Tiger tail lights.  Owned by red-haired girl friend of the owner of the Turner dealership.

  • Green Turner, with driving lights and a hard top.  The rear torsion bars broke and was converted to coil springs.

  • White Turner Climax, narrow, 2-piece amber/red tail lights with flat bottoms.  The owner ran a sports car garage.  Due to damage the front end of the body from the wheels forward was replaced.

  • White Turner, chassis no. 65/648, Sunbeam Tiger tail lights.   Involved in an accident and went to Foreign Auto Salvage off of Beck Street.  Was reportedly acquired and repaired by an employee.

  • Blue Turner, chassis no. 65/645, Sunbeam Tiger tail lights.  Was seen abandoned at an eastside apartment building.  It is believed it was later acquired by Larry Moulton of Sandy, UT, who won 3 SCCA Championships.

  • Silver Turner, chassis no. 65/646, contoured hood latches and Sunbeam Tiger tail lights.   It possibly is the red car described above repainted.
My Turner, the silver one, has a 1500 non-crossflow Ford 122E engine, Sunbeam Tiger tail lights, and the large scoop on the hood.   I obtained the car in Salt Lake City, UT in trade for an 1965 Pontiac GTO and $200 in 1968.   The car was repainted before it was obtained and some changes have been made to the engine since then. Otherwise it is stock.

I have lived in Seattle since 1972 and have never seen a Turner around here.

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