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Road & Track magazine
July 1957, page 44

Courtesy of David Lewis

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THE IMPORTED CAR picture it seems, now changes significantly with almost every issue of Road & Track.  Last month's test of the Morgan 4/4 Series II, with the Ford Anglia engine, described what was then (in its basic form) America's lowest-priced sports car.  Between our last press date and this one, however, at least two Turners have invaded the country.  Using another highly popular British powerplant, that of the Austin A-35, the Turner will be sold "at the $2000 level".

Doug Stoehr and Jim Whitlow, SCCA members of Springfield, Ohio, have the initial import.  Correspondent Art Christen sent us the photographs of the pioneer car, with this comment:

"I own a '53 MG-TDC; the Turner follows the same shifting pattern, and I have driven the car extensively.  It looks like a sure Class H winner in competition - acceleration good, cornering excellent, and it'll worry the stock TD's quite a lot."

Except for doors, the body is fiberglass over three-in. steel tubing.  Austin A-30 components with coils make up the front suspension, but the 4.55 rear axle, though from an A-30 also, has been modified to use trailing links with laminated torsion bars.  Steering is rack and pinion, and front brakes use two leading shoes.

The factory is at Penderford Airport, Wolverhampton, England.

Lots of room to work around
the A-35 powerplant.

Most components are stock Austin, except for mirror (original was stolen from this car).  Short remote-control shift lever lends pleasure.

Owner Stoehr with import No. 1

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