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Autosport magazine
October 24, 1958, page 517

Courtesy of Keith Burnett

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TURNER SPORTS CARS announce that their 950 c.c. sports car will be continued in its present form for 1959, but with larger and more powerful 8 ins. x 1½ inx. 2LS brakes on the front and a redesigned dashboard layout including matched speedometer and rev. counter, and extra instruments.

A new model has also been introduced which is basically the same as the 950 c.c. model, but incorporating the 1,100 c.c. Mark I Coventry-Climax engine, at a basic price of £750 (purchase tax £376 10s.).  The total production of these cars at the present time is being shipped to the States and South Africa.  Both models will be homologated so that they may be eligible for the major Continental rallies, etc.  A team of the 950 c.c. sports cars recently won the 1958 AUTOSPORT Series-Production Sports Car Championship and also the team award.  Another notable success during the season, was the outright win in the Six-Hour Sam Collier Memorial Race in Florida 1957 and a second place in the same race in 1958 with the Coventry-Climax-engined car.

A further development of interest to enthusiasts in this country is also announced.   Arrangements have recently been completed with the Customs and Excise to enable a complete Turner Sports Car to be marketed in kit form, unassembled and unpainted.  These kits consist of all parts and the price is £550 ex works.  This arrangement at the present time concerns the 950 c.c. model only, but the Climax version will be available in the near future.

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