Turner Sports Cars   Articles

The Autocar magazine
November 6, 1959, page 580

Courtesy of Keith Burnett

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A COVENTRY CLIMAX single overhead camshaft 1,098 c.c. engine powers the latest version of the Turner sports car.  Girling 9in dia. disc brakes at the front are standard and the new Turner has larger rear drum brakes of 8in dia. with 1½in wide shoes.  An alteration has been made to the nose of the glass fibre body, a low full-width air intake being incorporated, the wind screen is now curved.

Alternatively, the Mk. III version of the same engine may be fitted for those intending to take part in competitions, power output being 90 b.h.p. at 6.900 r.p.m.

Lowered nose, wide grille and curved screen of the Climax-engined Turner which now has Girling disc brakes at the front.

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