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The Autocar magazine
December 4, 1959, page 751

Courtesy of Keith Burnett

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IMMEDIATELY after Christmas, deliveries of a new version of the Turner sports car, the Turner-Alexancer, will begin.  During this season Bob Gerard has successfully raced a Turner 948 c.c. B.M.C. engine modified by the Alexander Engineering Company of Haddenham, Bucks., and this is the basis of the model now offered.  The price is £895, including purchase tax, or £595 when supplied in kit form.

It has a new light alloy cross-flow head, compression ratio is 9.4 to 1 and there are twin S.U. carburettors; with all available extras it is claimed that a maximum power output of 80 b.h.p. is attained, with reliability.  The extras include high compression pistons and a road-racing camshaft (a super-sports camshaft also is available).

The Turner-Alexander has a new glassfibre body supported by a welded steel frame.  Close-ratio gears can be supplied, and among the other extras are a rev. counter, centre lock wire wheels, Girling front disc brakes, Lockheed brake vacuum servo, ZF limited slip differential, detachable hardtop and a tonneau cover.

A new company will market the car at Thame Road, Haddenham, Bucks.


Centre-lock wire wheels £30; centre-lock hubs, standard wheels £19 19s; Girling front disc brakes £25; Lockheed brake vacuum servo £20; rev counter £12 10s; high compression pistons £10 10s; super-sports camshaft £7 10s; road racing camshaft £9 10s; ZF limited slip differential £57 10s; detachable hardtop £45; heater £12 12s; tonneau cover £8 10s; close-ratio gears £40 (ratios, top 4.55, 3rd 5.6, 2nd 7.6, 1st 10.45, reverse 21.2 to 1).

Dimensions (Manufacturer's figures)

Tyre size 5.20-15in; wheelbase 6ft 8.5in (205cm); track, front 3ft 9.5in (115cm), rear 3ft 8.75in (114cm); overall length 11ft 6in (350cm); overall width 4ft 6in (137cm); overall height 3ft 11in (119cm); ground clearance 6in (15cm); turning circle 32ft (9.75m); kerb weight (approx.) 1,288lb - 11.5 cwt (585kg).

A new, low body of resin-bonded glass fibre graces the Turner-Alexander

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